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Why our E-Learning?

It is everyday business: the GDPR and Cyber Security. Organizations and therefore their employees regularly have to deal with it. To make your employees aware, we, Grip IT, have developed an E-Learning.


In our E-Learning you will find hundreds of videos that take you into the world of the GDPR, Cyber Security & Office 365. This way you learn everything you need to know in a fun way. Once your employees have access to the courses, they can review them as often and whenever they want. The instructional material is covered in video’s, but is also written out below the videos. This ensures that everyone can absorb the material in their own way and that the information is retained. The E-Learning is kept up-to-date, so in case of changes, for example in the privacy legislation, the instructional material will be adjusted accordingly.

Do you want the courses personalized for your organization? That is possible! We personalize the courses according to your wishes and your organization will have its own login page in the corporate identity of your organization. We also offer the option to integrate the E-Learning into your own intranet.

Course ‘Privacy & Awareness’

In the ‘Privacy & Awareness’ course you will learn the rules surrounding the GDPR and we will explain how to not fall into the well-known traps of cybercriminals, so that your employees can carry out their work safely in the future.

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Course ‘Microsoft Office 365’

We also offer a course on Microsoft Office 365. This course serves as a manual explaining all the features of Office 365. Your employees always have access to this course after taking it and can follow the lessons that apply to them. This course covers all Office 365 programs, such as: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, but also Teams.

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